Cosmetic Alternatives to Birthmarks

The following is a list of make-up products that are used to cover birthmarks. VBF is not endorsing any one product, as we are a not for profit and cannot endorse a for-profit product line. However, as a service to our viewers, the following is a list of products that you may investigate for the potential use of covering a birthmark:

  • Dermablend by L'Oreal
  • Covermark by Covermark USA
  • Cover Blend by NeoStrata
  • Amazing concealer by Amazing Concealer Cosmetics, Inc.
  • Bio Fond by Bio Fond
  • ColorTration by Primary Color Foundations, Ltd.
  • Continuous Coverage by Clinique
  • Dermacolor by Kryolan
  • Eye Perfection by English Ideas Ltd.
  • Fallene Total Block Tinted by Total Block
  • Joe Blasco Red Neutralizer by Joe Blasco
  • Kirscho Camouflage Products by Kirsch Cosmetic Clinic
  • Smart Cover by Flori Roberts
  • Linda Seidel Makeup - by Linda Seidel